Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best type of bracing/bridging for a wall?

Besides site-specific restrictions, it really comes down to personal preference. For 8-inch studs, U-Channel w/ Clark Dietrich’s Fastbridge Clip is the preferred method of bracing 8-inch studs based upon our experience and feedback with contractors. For 10-inch and...

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Can sheathing be used instead of bracing/bridging?

Sheathing can often (not always) be used in lieu of bridging along the lengths of the stud for non-load bearing walls (exterior curtain wall). However, if the top of the stud isn’t screwed to the track (deflection track), then the stud will need top-of-wall bracing...

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What is the standard length for a metal stud or track?

Most studs are cut to length that is requested by a supply yard or a customer. Many drywallers order studs cut to the exact length required at the job site to avoid waste and additional cutting. Tracks, however, are stocked standard at 10-feet. Custom lengths are...

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How are cold-formed steel studs/track manufactured?

Large ‘coils’ of sheet steel are loaded into machines that first slice the steel into the necessary widths. A 600T125-43 track would be cut into something close to 8-1/2” wide. These smaller strips are rolled into smaller coils and fed into a rolling machine. Through...

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