Can I anchor bridging into a steel column?

Yes, in most cases. It can be challenging if the column is shorter than the width of the wall, though it can be done with the right approach. Ideally the column and wall should be the same width. In all cases, the loads that are getting transferred into the column...

What are web stiffeners?

Joists or studs that bear on its flange put a compressive force into its web. In order to prevent buckling of the joist web, a small piece of the stud can be installed at the bearing location to improve the capacity. Some manufacturers provide precut web stiffeners...

Are all metal clips the same?

No. Most metal clips are proprietary and have listed capacities. Another manufacturer might produce similar clips or one that can achieve the same result, but the capacities need to be checked.

Can metal studs be used as load bearing?

Yes. Structural studs can be used to support axial loads. However, non-structural (interior) studs should not be used in load-bearing applications.