NORTH KANSAS CITY, Missouri, December 6, 2021 – Anthony Malone has joined McClure’s North Kansas City office as a Landscape Designer.

Malone graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Right out of college, Anthony was a Project Manager for Lanoha Nurseries managing teams for design-build services for high-end residential clients. From there he began doing master planning, residential design, and site design at Landplan Engineering. From there, Malone went on to TreanorHL Architecture, where he focused on site design for institutional facilities, like courthouses and schools, with a focus on drawing interior architectural programming into the site for mental health and outdoor learning. Most recently, Anthony worked as an Urban Designer for HDR, where he fervently crafted contemporary master plans with emphasis on placemaking, TND (traditional neighborhood design), and TOD (transit orientated design), as well micro-mobility plans, transportation, and urban design services.

In his role, Malone will be working with the Development team to create impactful and meaningful site design services to achieve our vision of making lives better. He said, “I’m most looking forward to experiencing personal growth within the company as we strive to expand landscape architectural services and expertise.”

When asked what made him decide to join McClure, Malone said, “It’s difficult to choose just one reason! The team in NKC are hard to ignore – they’re a fantastically fun bunch who made a great first impression. I’m a bit of a curious risk-taker; exploration allows me to better understand the world around me while getting to know others and incorporating new ideas into designs. I feel McClure is dedicated to their craft and we share similar passions, which will allow me to grow, along with my peers and the company.”

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