TULSA, Oklahoma, November 9, 2018 – Jon Richardson, P.E., Electrical Engineer at McClure Energy Solutions (MES), has been appointed a position on the Board of the Oklahoma City Pipeliners Club.

Before assuming the position on the board, Richardson was a Charter Member of the OKC Pipeliners Club. The Club states its purpose as, “to connect upstream, midstream and downstream energy communities for the advancement of the engineering, maintenance, and operating practices for the mutual benefit of its members and the industry,” and its objective is “to connect all participants in the Oil and Gas Industry in Oklahoma and surrounding states.”

MES has been an active participant in the Club since its inception five years ago. Richardson, along with several other members of the MES team, often sponsor meetings and invite clients and guests to learn from the Club’s guest speakers. The Club also hosts golf tournaments and sporting clay shoots as fundraisers for scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to the relatives of active and involved members.

MES, a subsidiary of McClure, has offices across the Midwest, including Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Club’s proximity to MES’s Tulsa office encouraged Richardson to apply for a board position. The board consists of four Officers and five Directors who serve two-year terms.

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