July 28, 2022- McClure is celebrating 24 interns for National Intern Day 2022.  The intern class is spread across McClure’s Ankeny, Clive, Macon, North Liberty, North Kansas City, and Columbia offices, working alongside our Structural, Survey, Transportation, Water, and Development teams. The interns play an essential role in helping McClure during the busiest time of the year, while also gaining a hands-on experience in their chosen field of study.

Several interns have provided a deeper look into the Engineering the Future internship program by sharing stories from their summer. Continue reading and watch the video above to learn more about how McClure interns are making lives better.

“I have learned so much about CFS design through my work on the University of Michigan project for Eisen. In school, this is barely touched so this has been really great information for me to know! My manager, Will has been the best mentor I have had! He is very knowledgeable and has great life experiences for a young aspiring structural engineer to hear!”- Trevor Thornburgh

“I have gained a good understanding of how engineering is transferred to a construction project. There is also a lot of terminology that I have picked up on that I didn’t previously understand, many of which will be important to understand going forward in my career.” – Travis Moritz

“The biggest thing I have learned in my three summers with McClure has been the importance of every part of our team. I’ve worked with Water, Survey, and Transportation; through my experiences with each, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of good communication and relationships across the board, both within and outside of the company. You can be top of your class and have all the education in the world, but none of that matters if you and your team can’t rely on one another to share your expertise.” – Kaitlyn Cawiezell

“The company’s core values and people are what drew me to McClure. Being here now, the Water engineering team in Columbia is like a family. My favorite project that I’ve been able to work on is probably East Lynne’s wastewater improvements…I got to take the lead for East Lynne’s projects, and it has been a great learning experience”. – Isabelle McGuire

 “The biggest thing I have learned so far is the importance of working in a community. McClure has always shown me what it means to care for co-workers and people around you even if you don’t know them. From job site talks to pay-it-forward gift cards, McClure has always been so kind and generous. This is what makes McClure so successful in the long run. By having a great and honest community of employees, McClure is set for success.” – Chasey Sedam

“I’m currently working on a multifamily housing development in Kansas City for a company called Redwood. I’ve done utility layout, grading, and other things – it’s been cool to see the whole process of the project instead of just working on pieces here and there. Learning all the quirks and cool things you can do with AutoCAD (Civil 3D) is going to really come in handy for my senior design class.” – Sean Purdue

About McClure

Founded in 1956, McClure has grown to a firm of over 250 professionals in thirteen offices. With a vision of making lives better, McClure brings engineering expertise and a collaborative approach to identify the best strategies and solutions to bring our client’s vision to life. McClure’s area of expertise is in guiding its clients on making long-term capital investments in the areas of aviation, bridge, community development, construction observation, development, environmental, geotechnical, GIS, landscape architecture, MEP, structural, survey, traffic, transportation, wastewater, and water.

For more information about McClure’s internship program, please contact Erica Tietz (etietz@mcclurevision.com).