Patrick Earney Earns Structural Engineering License

by | Jun 13, 2016 | News

Villa Ridge native Patrick Earney of McClure Engineering Co. passed the 16-hour Structural Engineering (SE) exam to become a licensed Structural Engineer.patrick earney

The SE license is required to seal structural designs in Illinois and some structural designs in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and several other states. “Now that I have passed the SE exam, I am eligible to be licensed in those states which allows our team to work there without having to pay for an external review as we’ve done in the past,” said Earney.

“We are proud of Earney’s dedication to continuous self-improvement,” said Terry Lutz, CEO and President. “Adding this license to our team will allow us to better serve our clients and foster our vision of building strong communities.”

Patrick also holds the Professional Engineering (PE) license in Missouri. The sixteen hour SE exam is divided into two eight hour sessions over two days and typically has a 25-35% pass rate.