Afton Road Bridge 0190003 Soft-Match Credit

Location: Linn County, Missouri   Client: Linn County, Missouri
Services: Design, Construction Administration and Observation, Construction Staking, Survey  Expertise: Bridge

Project Overview

McClure provided survey, hydraulic analysis, permits, preliminary layout, and final bridge design. McClure is also provided materials testing, and construction observation services to replace Bridge No. 0190003. With County Personnel completing a significant portion of the construction, McClure worked with the County throughout the design process to incorporate the county’s construction practices. When complete, documentation will be submitted to MoDOT on behalf of the county for Soft-Match Credit (SMC) within the BRO Program.

The final design included a single-span structure with steel H-piles for the substructure and steel I-girders for the superstructure with a concrete deck. The new single-span structure will allow for increased hydraulic capacity and reduced potential for scouring. The proposed structure also has increased width for two-way traffic and large agricultural equipment. The SMC submittal process will be facilitated by McClure and will allow the county to leverage its BRO funds for future projects.

Project Highlights

  • Earned Soft Match Credit to be used for future BRO projects.
  • Widened structure to accommodate roadway alignment, two-way traffic, and large agricultural equipment.
  • Improved hydraulic capacity of the bridge to reduce the severity of flooding on the roadway and upstream, further improving access to the area.

Project Manager

Aaron McVicker, PE