Sunflower Foundation 



The Sunflower Foundation, restored from an existing building, posed issues particular to the topography of the site. McClure worked closely and collaboratively with the architect and civil engineer to plan for the careful placement of the new parking lots to preserve trees and minimize the impact to the viewshed on site. The main courtyard area now has an entry plaza with space for future art, and new patio spaces to the north have been added to maximize views to the Menninger hospital tower to the north. The new trees are strategically placed to frame and focus views towards the tower. 


McClure approached this existing building rehabilitation project with a goal of sustainability:

  • Introduced more pervious concrete in the existing parking lot(s)
  • Specific attention was given to the preservation of existing mature tree canopy
  • Addition of a diverse  tree species to reintroduce the tree canopy removed during construction
  • Xeric and native plant materials added to reduce irrigation demand
  • Trees added strategically to improve the passive solar performance of the building
  • Stormwater basin seeded with native vegetation to help promote infiltration of runoff as much as possible


Location: Topeka, KS
Client: Sunflower Foundation
Scope: Landscape Architecture Design, Site Master Planning, Documentation, Construction Administration