Sergeant Bluff, Iowa | Guide for Growth | Community Development


In 2015, the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors undertook a substantial effort to plan for the use of approximately $130 million generated from new, private sector investments in the County. Recognizing the value of Woodbury County’s planning efforts, the City of Sergeant Bluff, the nearest incorporated City to the Liberty Park Urban Renewal Area, proposed the County enter a TIF-sharing agreement to aid in the funding of a road project.
Location: Sergeant Bluff, Iowa
Client: City of Sergeant Bluff
McClure Results:
The Dogwood Trail road project opened approximately 120 acres of new development ground in the City and was targeted specifically to commercial and light industrial/business park development.

As the Dogwood Trail project was being completed in late 2015, the City of Sergeant Bluff, which has never had a formal and comprehensive capital improvements plan, engaged McClure to complete such a planning effort, as recent rapid growth has created a need for the City to update its land use and infrastructure plan. Furthermore, newly elected officials and City staff members are creating a new vision of comprehensive, capital improvements planning to capitalize on future growth opportunities.

McClure provided:

  • Top-Ten Infrastructure Initiatives
  • Land Use Vision & Growth Opportunities
  • Infrastructure Master Plan
  • Capital Improvements Plan
  • Financial Modeling