Q&A With Greg Pfau, McClure’s Lead Landscape Architect

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Landscape Architecture, News, North Kansas City

Greg Pfau, Professional Landscape Architect (PLA), has been with McClure in it’s North Kansas City (NKC) office for three years. Pfau graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies, bringing 11 years of experience to McClure’s projects and Development Services Group (DS). Pfau’s expertise goes beyond enhancing natural and built environments; he plays an important role in protecting air, water, and other natural resources. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he looks for, recommends, and applies sustainability-focused principles throughout his projects. As McClure’s lead Landscape Architect, his weeks are loaded with designing and planning for projects across various McClure disciplines and mentoring the office’s Landscape Designer.

Q: What is Landscape Architecture (LA) to you?

A: To me, Landscape Architecture is the thoughtful analysis, planning, design, management, and construction of built and natural environments. Our profession can have a significant impact on communities and people’s way of life, whether it’s through a streetscape on someone’s way to get lunch, a courtyard or public park near their home, or a stormwater treatment facility that improves the water and area they live in.

Q: Which examples of LA worldwide inspire you?

Image via www.maggiedaleypark.com

A: One of my favorite projects right now is Maggie Daley Park in Chicago. This project started with a massive underground parking garage and has turned into an urban oasis creating a truly seamless green space through downtown Chicago. The reuse of existing trees after they were removed and the play opportunities for adults and kids alike are especially fun!

Q: How is LA incorporated at McClure?

A: I see the role of the landscape architecture team at McClure as bringing balance to our firm’s collaborative team approach on projects. Landscape architects are keenly aware of the aesthetics and design needs for a project and work to tie it in with the technical expertise our engineers provide to our clients.

Q: How many LA projects is McClure working on right now? Anything exciting on the horizon?

A: Right now our team has several projects on the drawing board ranging from complete street visioning to site development to parks projects. I’m looking forward to seeing how we can continue to grow the team with the resources and opportunities that all of the various disciplines provide within McClure.

Q: What do you hope LA will do for the Midwest in the upcoming years? How do you envision McClure contributing?

A: I hope that Landscape Architecture as a profession will continue to transform the public spaces of Kansas City and Des Monies. Projects like the Barney Allis Plaza overhaul or the 1-670 Deck Proposal will have a huge impact on how people view the downtown and Crossroads area of Kansas City. With our team’s role at McClure, I hope that we can continue to push our engineers to pursue creative solutions to our client’s problems–creating beautiful and functional projects all over the towns we work in.

If you have questions about McClure’s Landscape Architecture services, please contact Grep Pfau at (816) 756-0444 or gpfau@mecresults.com.