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Before land becomes a shopping center, a school, or a roadway, McClure surveyors are there, gathering critical data that becomes the foundation for achieving your vision.

Our team uses a high-tech approach to surveying. Using state-of-the-art surveying and remote sensing technology, we conduct a wide variety of construction, design, and pipeline surveying projects for clients of all sizes. Not just land surveys, but drone surveys and bathymetric surveys too. We analyze the data and deliver it in traditional, plan-view survey drawings, complex BIM models, and renderings. Even drone animations and time-lapse videos of construction sites.

These highly accurate and detailed surveys form a solid foundation for all subsequent development activities. This precision reduces the risk of costly errors and project delays. You can rely on McClure to be a partner that not only provides accurate and detailed information, but also contributes to long-term growth and economic development through thoughtful understanding of real estate development.

The information you receive at the start informs every decision you make along the way.

Trust McClure for surveying expertise that ensures the safety and success of your project

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