Bringing Land to Life

What is now a school, an apartment building, or a subdivision was once a piece of raw land. A piece of land that inspired an owner and developer to see the possibilities.

At McClure, we mold and develop that land, embracing your passion to create places where people live, play, work, and enjoy life. Helping you create new neighborhoods, new business spaces, or public infrastructure projects.

Trust McClure to help you exceed your goals throughout every phase of the project, from LEED certifications to construction permitting and master planning.

We’re not just developing for your community. We’re invested in it.

Where We Make an Impact


  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Rezoning and Special Use Permit Applications
  • Preliminary and Final Development Plans
  • LEED Certifications
  • 3D Surface and Utility Modeling
  • Development Proformas
  • Entitlement Development Process
  • Utility System Design and Coordination
  • Public Infrastructure



Featured Projects

17th and Madison

Roe Medical office building

CityPlace parcel III - The Apex at CityPlace

Crossroads Plaza Mall Redevelopment - Fort Dodge, IA

Lenexa Logistics Center

Strang Hall

Independence Uptown Market

Lenexa Logistics Centre East Lot 2.3 & 4