Libby Crimmings and Mickey Davis join McClure

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CLIVE, Iowa, August 27, 2018 – Libby Crimmings and Mickey Davis have joined McClure, a Midwest-based Engineering, Surveying, and Planning firm as Vice Principal Community Placemaker and Community Placemaker in the Clive and St. Louis offices.

“My background is in art and design as well as community organizing. I’m a problem solver and a change maker,” said Crimmings, “I’ve spent over a decade bringing various communities together under a grand vision and I look forward to using my experience and skills to help rural communities thrive.”

Crimmings holds a degree in Fine Art and Design from Iowa State University. Previously, she served as Director of Global Programs and Partnerships at The World Food Prize Foundation, an international organization known as the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture,” leading efforts in 23 states in the U.S. as well as Europe, Africa and Central America.

“Libby has been a leader in the Des Moines metro for years, has worked with partners all over the globe, and is bringing her unique ability to work with communities of any size, location, and history and help guide them towards cultural growth,” said Zack Mannheimer, Principal Community Placemaker. “She specializes in finding innovative, creative, and often unconventional approaches for cultural and economic growth.”

Crimmings role at McClure will include assisting in long-term strategic planning, visionary goals, and in maintaining the tracking of projects and placemaking staff.

Mickey Davis, alongside Zack Mannheimer, contributed to running the Des Moines Social Club, a non-profit arts hub that acts as a catalyst for cultural change in downtown Des Moines.

“At McClure, I’m excited to go back to the process I experienced at the Des Moines Social Club of meeting with residents and understanding how they want to use spaces to contribute to cultural and economic growth,” said Davis, “I’m looking forward to hearing ideas that communities have and help those ideas be realized.”

“Mickey’s background in music and multi-disciplinary venues in the United States and over 20 other countries will bring a new perspective to our work and help connect even the smallest community into the larger cultural ecosystem. He specializes in forming strong, artistic bonds with whomever he meets, leading to cultural openness,” said Mannheimer.

Davis has a bachelor’s degree in Music from Macalester College and a master’s certificate in Arts and Culture Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. His role at McClure will include leading placemaking projects from visioning to final production of the action plan.

“I’m thrilled to begin working with two global leaders in rural culture,” said Mannheimer of Crimmings and Davis’ arrivals, “I cannot properly express how excited I am for them both to join our team as we grow nationally and internationally.”

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