Des Moines, IA (November 11, 2019) — McClure, a multi-disciplinary professional services firm, launched its creative placemaking services in 2017 to help communities grow and thrive into the future. In a few short years, the placemaking team has strategically grown to support rural communities in over twenty states. Today, the company is announcing a new brand for the placemaking team that reflects the catalytic nature of the placemaking process.

“At McClure, we live by the vision of making lives better. Placemaking fulfills that vision by working alongside communities to develop a roadmap to execute transformative projects that boost quality of life,” said McClure CEO Terry Lutz.

Now called Alchemy Community Transformations, the new brand reflects the transformative impact the team has had and will continue to have in its client communities. The team will continue to develop and implement strategies that attract and retain top talent by incentivizing people and improving the overall quality of life. Alchemy’s placemaking approach leverages public-private partnerships, challenges the traditional economic development model, and creates an actionable guide for community leaders.

“It’s not always about attracting more businesses to create more jobs; it’s about creating a place that people want to live. What’s stopping businesses in smaller communities from growing is the lack of housing choice and the lack of cultural amenities that people want to be near,” said Principal Community Placemaker Zachary Mannheimer.

Alchemy Community Transformations differentiates itself with a focus on rural communities and a holistic approach that starts with community visioning and results in specific action plans that identify how projects may be implemented.

While operating as McClure Placemaking, the Alchemy team worked with communities in Iowa and 20 additional states across the United States as well as a province in Canada. The communities range in size from 80 people to 30,000 people. In each community, the team worked with community members to drive economic development, population growth, and overall community quality of life.

“Don’t underestimate the power of the ripple effect, if you want to transform a community, start with one building or one block. It all starts with strong community leadership,” said McClure President Dennis Folden.

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About Alchemy Community Transformations
Alchemy Community Transformations specializes in rural economic and social development strategies through a collaborative, community-driven process to create simple-to-execute, realistic plans. They are connectors who find the right people, the right resources and the right places, and bring them together to help transform communities of all sizes. Alchemy Community Transformations is a McClure Team.

About McClure
McClure was founded in 1956. With a vision of making lives better, McClure’s mission is building relationships for success. McClure’s area of expertise is in guiding its clients on making long-term capital investments. The company specializes in public infrastructure and capital improvements planning in the areas of energy, placemaking, transportation, water, wastewater, stormwater, environmental, structural, bridge, land development, landscape architecture, aviation, surveying, and mapping (including 3D high definition scanning and UAV mapping) projects throughout the Midwest and nationally. For more information on the company and services provided, email or visit