COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, July 5, 2023 – Josh Garton, Zane Clark, and Daniel Linneman passed the 16-hour Structural Engineering (SE) exam to become licensed Structural Engineers.

Structural engineering licensure in more than 12 states is obtained separately, acknowledging the significant risk and extensive knowledge necessary for practicing in this field. The comprehensive body of knowledge required for structural engineering is not evaluated through the standard Professional Engineer (PE) examination. Instead, a two-day, 16-hour exam is conducted, assessing proficiency in both high seismic and high wind considerations. The first half of the exam comprises multiple-choice questions, while the second half focuses on constructed responses. This examination is known for being the most challenging hurdle among all licensed professions. Typically, pass rates range from 25% to 45%. Along with the exam, aspiring structural engineers must complete 16 hours of structural design courses.

“On behalf of McClure and the Structural team, I would like to congratulate Josh Garton, Zane Clark, and Daniel Linneman on passing the rigorous Structural Engineering (SE) exam to become licensed Structural Engineers,” said Cody Dailey, Structural Vice President. “This remarkable accomplishment showcases their exceptional knowledge, skills, and dedication to the field of structural engineering. We are honored to have such talented individuals as part of our team. I look forward to their continued contributions and success in advancing our company’s expertise and delivering outstanding structural engineering solutions to our clients.”

Josh Garton, PE, SE

“It’s a really challenging exam that is intended for experienced engineers to be able to highlight their intricate understanding of the building codes. It is certainly one of the most difficult licensing exams in the country based on pass rate. I studied 20 hours a week for an entire year,” said Josh Garton, Project Manager. “When you see someone with an ‘SE’ title it lets you know you are working with a highly qualified and experienced design team, and McClure’s Structural team now has 6 licensed SEs.”

Zane Clark, PE, SE

“I am ecstatic to have passed the SE exams! Here on the structural team at McClure, preparing for and taking the SE is something that you begin to learn about right away, so in many ways, this is an accomplishment I have been thinking about for seven and a half years,” said Zane Clark, Structural Technical Lead.  “Practicing engineering at McClure has been some of the best possible experiences to grow me professionally and technically in preparation for this step. I am grateful for all the opportunities and support the company has provided me with and I am excited for this next phase in my career!”

Daniel Linneman, PE, SE

“The S.E. license is something I’ve been working towards since I finished college a little over 4 years ago, but I never imagined I’d be able to obtain it this early in my career. I can’t thank McClure enough for the support they’ve provided in helping me prepare for what I would consider to be one of the most difficult professional licenses one could obtain (I’m only slightly biased),”said Daniel Linneman, Structural Engineer. “I’m honored to be included in this elite group of structural engineers, and I’m excited to continue furthering my career at McClure as an S.E.”

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