Terry Lutz Ushers in his 40th Year with McClure

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Careers, News

For the past 60 years, McClure has dedicated itself to making lives better, and for his 40 years with the company, Terry Lutz, CEO, has been an exemplary representation of McClure’s values. This month, McClure proudly celebrates alongside Terry Lutz for his 40th year with the company.

Terry’s First Client

Terry joined McClure in July 1979, working for Jon McClure, who founded the company in 1956. “We bonded the minute we met and there was little question…Eventually, Jon became like a second father figure to me,” said Terry of his relationship with Jon. His influence on Terry would prove to be challenging yet helpful, and Jon’s approach was to keep Terry on his toes, forcing him to think quickly and analytically, but never letting him ‘hang out to dry.’

“Around 1980, I helped Jon write a detailed water report for Rockwell, Iowa. When we were driving to Rockwell for the meeting Jon casually announced, ‘Oh Terry, you’re going to make the presentation today.’ It shocked me for a moment,” Terry said, “but as I thought about it, I realized I knew the material, and Jon knew I did. The presentation went well, and Rockwell became a very good client.”

Fast forward to today, and McClure is again working with the City of Rockwell, this time to assist in stormwater issues the community has been facing.

Clients for Life

Terry’s ability to build and maintain client relationships was influenced by his father’s own talent for going far beyond what was expected of him at his business. “He really cared. Seeing my dad work hard and succeed made me appreciate entrepreneurship and it’s probably why I eventually was driven to buy into the McClure Bus.”

Throughout his time at McClure, and in his pursuit of making lives better, Terry has avoided “one and done” projects with short-term solutions and prioritizes projects that allow McClure to build strong, constant relationships with clients. People: clients, employees, friends and, family, this is what Terry sees as the key to McClure’s success. “It all comes down to the people on the McClure team and those who live in those cities and work at those companies.”

Terry has maintained the belief that people are the main factor in driving a business to success, his compelling, personal slogan being, “it’s 90% people…and 20% people. It’s all about people!”

Looking Forward

Terry continues to live the McClure mission of building relationships to help our clients be successful. He holds many key relationships with clients, local officials, community leaders, and team members alike. He is a visionary leader, innovator, and entrepreneur, guiding and leading McClure from a small, single office engineering firm, to a three hundred plus employee firm with nation-wide experience and recognition. The McClure team is in great hands with Terry and the team he has built around him.