Project Overview

The City of Adel has many brick streets remaining from the original construction of paved streets in the early 1900’s. Three blocks of brick streets around the courthouse square have been placed on the National Historic Register. The City has decided to preserve the brick street heritage within the downtown core and seek other reconstruction methods within less historic areas of the community.

McClure was retained to provide planning and design for the reconstruction of streets in the downtown area including the 3 blocks on the square, and portions of Main Street west of the square. Planning elements of the project included, preliminary design of geometric layouts for vehicles and pedestrians, streetscape design including; street lights, pedestrian lights, planters, trash receptacles, benches and kiosk.

Public meetings were held to gather input from citizens, businesses, and property owners regarding the preliminary design and streetscape features. This input was then incorporated into the plans for final presentation to the City Council.

Design incorporated a P.C.C. base for the placement of the brick streets. This “Tub” placement method of brick street reconstruction has proved a durable and efficient way to maintain the brick street heritage while decreasing maintenance efforts required to maintain the bricks in place, and lessen the movement of the bricks under heavy traffic loads.


Project Highlights:

  • Historic Brick Street Reconstruction and Preservation
  • Salvaging of existing bricks for replacement in newly constructed street
  • Streetscape to match historic character of the original downtown area
  • Increased pedestrian travel corridor

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