Mobility is the ability for people to move. As traffic engineers this is where our energy is focused; to develop solutions for improved mobility. We hold paramount the fact that enhanced mobility can never be at the expense of safety. We assist developers and public agencies in rethinking the way roads and intersections are designed, with an emphasis on improving safety for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and all those moving within the community.

Traffic engineering has evolved over the years as there is now a greater awareness and desire for more sustainable and healthy transportation options. Depending on the context, this may introduce a variety of users along a transportation network where interactions need to be carefully identified, and safety becomes an even greater consideration.

Context is everything. We recognize that traffic solutions for one location may not work, or even be relevant to another. However, we challenge communities to not only think about the needs of their current transportation network, but to also consider the future needs of their network. This requires more thoughtful conversation around the goals and priorities of a community.  

McClure’s traffic and safety engineers take a holistic approach and consider a broad range of factors when developing solutions. These include safety of all road users, traffic calming, traffic operations, multi-modal accommodations, transit, connectivity, aesthetics, community identity, and/or a community’s desire to create a vibrant environment where residents and local business can thrive. We understand that the mobility needs will be unique to each and every client. The fact that all solutions are unique is what gets us excited. We are problem solvers, and we look forward to delivering you a safe mobility solution.

Keeping roadways safe

Where We Make an Impact


  • Intersection Control Evaluations (ICE)
  • Road Safety Audits (RSA)
  • Speed Zoning Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Safety Alternatives Analyses
  • Multi-Modal Design
  • Traffic Impact Studies

  • Traffic Signal and STOP Sign Warrants

  • Traffic Signal Design


  • Signal Timing and Coordination Optimization
  • Traffic Modeling and Simulation

  • Intersection Capacity Analysis

  • Intersection Sight Distance Studies

  • Roundabout Design

  • Signal Equipment Inventories and Signal Inspections

  • Signal Equipment Shop Drawing Reviews

  • Traffic Signal As-Built Plans