Nature Trail

Location: Carlisle, Iowa   Client: City of Carlisle, Iowa
Services: Design, Survey, Construction Administration and Observation   Expertise: Transportation

Project Overview

The City of Carlisle was ready to move forward with the first phase of the trails identified in the “Trails Master Plan”. However, the funding of the trail still needed to be addressed.

To make a meaningful expansion of the trail system the City needed to find funding for the $3.2 million project which included a new bridge over the North River, an underpass of Scotch Ridge Road, Scotch Ridge Nature Park Wetlands, and just over 3 miles of trail construction.

McClure Engineering Company worked with the city to assemble a financing package which for the trail which would minimize the city funds required for completion and allow for construction of a project which would positively impact the community.

The final funding package included:

  • Federal Earmark
  • REAP Grant
  • State Recreational Trails Grant
  • Vision Iowa
  • Great Places
  • Warren County Funding
  • Polk County Funding
  • Private Donations
  • City Funds

The final financing package ultimately leveraged a 10% local city contribution for construction of the $3.2 million project.

The project route ultimately started at the future connection point of Greater Des Moines Trail system, and connected Scotch Ridge Nature Park, Danamere Farms Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation Site, Carlisle Middle School, Danamere Farms Conservation Development, Lindhart Park, Carlisle Aquatic Center, and the Summerset Trail.

Project Manager

Jeff Schug, PE