Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Plant

Location: Fort Dodge, Iowa   Client: City of Fort Dodge, Iowa
Services: Design, Construction Observation and Administration   Expertise: Water Resources

Project Overview

Faced with new water quality regulations and a desire to improve the drinking water quality of their community, the City of Fort Dodge turned to McClure to help plan, design, and construct a new RO Water Treatment Plant. By reducing the hardness of the community’s water, the City will be able to meet new chloride limits at the City wastewater treatment plant. The new RO system will also remove other naturally-occurring constituents in the City’s water supply, making the water safer to drink. The reduced water hardness will have other benefits as well including reduced costs for residential water softening, extended life of appliances, and other benefits associated with softer water.

Project Highlights

  • State-of-the-art RO water treatment system to reduce water hardness by 75%
  • Removes other impurities such as ammonia, radium, chloride, and sulfate
  • 13.7 MGD total plant design capacity
  • 10 MGD of RO permeate design capacity
  • Six (6) RO treatment skids
  • Plant utilizes existing sand filters for pre-treatment
  • Once constructed, will be the largest RO water treatment facility in the State of Iowa
  • 24,000 square foot facility
  • RO concentrate collected and sent to City wastewater treatment plant for alkalinity recovery

Project Manager

Michael Washburn, PE