Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: City of Adel, Iowa   Client: City of Adel, Iowa
Services: Design, Construction Observation and Administration   Expertise: Water Resources

Project Overview

The City of Adel operates an aerated lagoon wastewater treatment facility which was constructed in 1988. Due to its proximity to the Des Moines Metropolitan Area, the City is experiencing significant residential and commercial growth of the community. As a result, flows of the system have increased and new regulatory requirements are being imposed upon the City, including nutrient reduction.
The City of Adel retained McClure to evaluate their wastewater treatment system. Through this evaluation, it was determined the existing system could not achieve compliance with the newly imposed permit requirements. Working with City staff, McClure evaluated multiple treatment alternatives capable of achieving compliance with new standards. Of significant importance was the ability to provide a treatment solution which could be easily expanded to accommodate the significant growth anticipated for the City. Through this evaluation, it was identified a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment system provided the most cost-effective long-term compliance solution.

In addition, components of the existing lagoon treatment system were evaluated for reuse in the proposed treatment system process. Plans are to utilize the existing lagoon basins for flow equalization and sludge storage, saving the city millions of dollars in construction costs. In addition, McClure completed coordination with all regulatory (DNR, USACE, etc.) and financing agencies (CWSRF and USDA-RD).

Project Highlights

• Secured a $4.655M grant reducing estimated total project cost to $10.88M
• Proposed SBR treatment system with ability modularly increase capacity for future growth
• Reuse of existing lagoon system for flow equalization and sludge storage saving thousands
• Proposed improvements achieve regulatory compliance
• Ability to achieve Nutrient Removal requirements through final project build-out

Project Manager

Gary Brons