Water Treatment Plant, Marshall Municipal Utilities – Marshall, Missouri

Location: Marshall Municipal Utilities – Marshall, Missouri   Client: Marshall Municipal Utilities
Services: Design, Construction Observation and Administration   Expertise: Water Resources

Project Overview

McClure has completed several projects for Marshall Municipal Utilities at their 7 MGD water treatment facility. In 2008 McClure completed the design of the new sodium hypochlorite generation, storage, and feed system to replace the outdated chlorine gas system at the water plant. The storage of multiple ton chlorine cylinders at the plant was a concern due to security and concerns about the cylinders being located near a high-speed rail line. It was determined that the most cost-effective option was to convert to an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system. The new generation system and storage tanks were housed in a new building constructed of concrete masonry and brick. McClure provided all plans, specifications, bidding services and construction services including full time construction observation.
In 2012 construction was completed on a project addressing enhancement of the water plant solids handling lagoon treatment system. The project included the replacement of a failing concrete sludge settling basin and sludge pumping system. Additional settling was enhanced in two large earthen sludge treatment lagoons by the installation of hanging curtain baffles. A tablet dechlorination system was added to the system discharge line to allow the discharge to meet Total Residual Chlorine permit limits. McClure provided wastewater discharge permit assistance to MMU.

In 2013 McClure provided plans and specifications for the replacement of coatings throughout the water plant. Testing was completed on all coatings prior to bidding the project to determine potential hazardous materials the painting contractor would be handling. The project was completed in 2014. Coatings were replaced on steel plant components including treatment basins, chemical storage towers, stairs, pumps and piping. Interior and some exterior building coatings were replaced.

Construction was completed in 2018 on an expansion to the water plant. The project included a new 500,000-gallon concrete clearwell, three new 2800 gpm vertical turbine high service pumps, one new 5,350 gpm vertical turbine backwash pump, a new laboratory and administration building, the addition of ammonia feed equipment, and interface with the utilities’ SCADA system. Baffles were added to the city’s large in-ground storage tanks and a mixing system added to the 500,000-gallon elevated storage tower.

Project Highlights

• Converted water plant disinfection system from free chlorine to chloramine disinfection

• Added in-ground 500,000 finished water storage
• New vertical turbine high service and backwash pumps
• New laboratory and administration building

Project Manager

Dennis Stith, PE