Charles Library

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Temple University    
Services: Structural
Expertise: Structural

Project Overview

Charles Library at Temple University is a four-story, 220,000 square foot steel and concrete framed building located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The ceiling for the main floor of the building is framed out of cold-formed studs which attach to the steel supporting the floors above. The ceiling, which extends from the floor to up to 40ft high, is cladded in arched wood slats. In addition to code prescribed design forces, the stud framing was also used to form the slatted wood ceiling.

Analysis was performed at the tightest radiused in the ceiling as well at more typical locations in order to achieve wood forming forces. These forces controlled the design of the interior ceiling framing.

The oculus, located in the center of the library, is framed out of straight cold-formed studs which are radiused in plan spanning from the highest portion of the ceiling to the upper floors. The oculus also houses a large opening to the main lobby below which is also framed with a combination of radiused and straight cold-formed studs.