Crosshaven Development

Location: Johnston, Iowa   Client: Hubbell Realty Company
Services: Site-Civil Design, Land Acquisition, Planning, Permitting, Utility Coordination, Survey   Expertise: Development

Project Overview

Hubbell Realty Company retained McClure to provide comprehensive professional services to allow for the future development of approximately 275 acres in the City of Johnston. The project began with the vision of developing a green subdivision that used alternative stormwater conveyance and treatment techniques through the use of increased open space areas. The subdivision was envisioned to be at least 50% open space. 

McClure led multiple meetings with the City of Johnston and their engineering consultant to develop a roadway section that would support these green goals. This roadway section did not meet SUDAS standards; however, after detailed discussions with the City, their consultant, and Hubbell, we developed and collectively agreed to an urban road section using roadway ditches to convey and pre-treat stormwater. This roadway section has been used through the first eight phase of the project with great success in conveying and slowing stormwater from the development. Flows from these ditches are directed to the aforementioned open space areas at the rear of the lots, where additional stormwater treatment is provided via prairie and wetland seeded areas.

The creek that bisects the development is within the FEMA floodplain. Through this project, we have worked with FEMA on the removal of all platted single family lots from the floodplain. This has involved application through the MT-2 process with FEMA and included hydraulic modeling of the creek and work with FEMA to amend the maps to properly reflect where the 100-year floodplain will inundate this development.

Project Manager

Caleb Smith, PE