KCMO TIF Projects

Location: Kansas City, Missouri   Client: MD Management
Services: Site-Civil Design, Survey, Site Planning, Landscape Architecture, MEP   Expertise: Development

Project Overview

MD Management, in partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri retained McClure to provide comprehensive professional services to allow for the future development of approximately 400 acres, near Missouri 152 and Platte Purchase Road. The projects began with initial master planning phase, which included a high-level traffic analysis including signal and lane configuration analysis, roadway alignment study, water & sewer feasibility study, and land surveying.The master planning phase determined roadway alignments, roadway typical sections, and general locations and sizes of the proposed water and sewer utility extensions, to serve the future development area.

The master planning also determined the project limits, which would be funded with the initial phase of construction. The five separate projects are designed and combined into a single bid and construction package. The first phase includes 6,400 LF of 12” waterline, 7,500 LF of new sewer, 10,000 LF of new roadway, with a total estimated construction cost of $17.3 million. The master planning and final design was completed within one year of notice to proceed, and construction is anticipated to be completed by summer of 2020. 

Project Manager

Paul Osborne, PE