Middle Blue River Basin Sewer Outfall 063

Location: Kansas City, Missouri   Client: City of Kansas City, Missouri
Services: Design, Construction Observation and Administration   Expertise: Water Resources

Project Overview

The Water Services Department (WSD) of City of Kansas City, Missouri selected McClure to construct consolidation piping, disconnect inlets from the combined sewer system, and eliminate 16 of 18 diversion structures located in the Middle Blue River Basin in Kansas City, Missouri. The design eliminated overflows at Outfall 063 in a design year and reduced the number of overflows at outfall 064 to no more than two in a design year. McClure provided design and modeling of the sanitary sewer system, design of storm sewers for disconnected inlets where necessary, design of three improved diversion structures, design of green infrastructure, utility investigations, evaluation of site conditions and limitations, coordination with City and utility infrastructure planning, preliminary design, and opinion of probable construction costs.

The first and second phase of this project included project management, public involvement and preliminary design.  Upon completion of a Design Memorandum, the WSD and McClure negotiated fees for providing survey, geotechnical, final design and bid phase services for the recommended improvements. 

Project Highlights

  • To eliminate 16 of 18 diversion structures in the basin.
  • Reduce the volume of untreated wastewater released to downstream receiving waters
  • Provide capacity to alleviate basement backup concerns in areas upstream.
  • Sanitary flows that would have gone to the 15-inch diameter sanitary sewer are diverted during high-flow conditions to a double box combined sewer system at multiple locations

Project Manager

Jeff Brizendine, PE